Office for International Strategy
About the Office for International Strategy

●Welcome Message
    Welcome to the Office for International Strategy of the University of Electro-Communications (UEC). In 2013 the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) of Japan selected UEC as one of 19 universities for the Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities. At the time, UEC’s Office for International Cooperation and the Center for International Programs and Exchange were responsible for the promotion of international research cooperation, and promoting international education. Furthermore in 2015, UEC was selected as one of the universities to receive support from MEXT as part of its Inter-University Exchange Project. With this background, in 2017, UEC established the Office for International Strategy to support the University’s growing international activities and further expand them under the leadership of the UEC President.
 The Office for International Strategy will continue to support projects for the next phase of the internationalization of UEC with the aim of establishing a global hub to practice “Comprehensive Communication Sciences” for the creation of knowledge and skills to contribute to the sustainable advancement of mankind.
-Kazushi NAKANO

Kazushi NAKANO
Director of the Office for International Strategy

●The role of the Office for International Strategy includes:
- Developing strategic initiatives, frameworks, and supporting internationalization of collaborative and academic research at UEC.
- Administrating and developing collaborative agreements with overseas universities/institutions.
- Enhancing international publicity of the results of education and research activities at UEC.
- Other duties to achieve UEC’s international goals.